Absolutely not!  Anyone can ask questions, though there are some simple rules that will make a question more successful.

Never use jargon, if it is difficult to understand the question, then it may not be answered.

Try and write the question as you would say it to someone.

Never ask an ambiguous question.

Try and word your questions as simply as possible. The less text a participant has to read, the more likely they are to think about their answer.

Never combine multiple themes in a single question.  e.g Do you agree that train travel is value for money and comfortable?  Would be better asked in two separate questions Q1 Do you agree train travel is value for money?  Q2 Do you agree train travel is comfortable?

If appropriate include a don’t know / other / none option. e.g Which of these countries have you visited on holiday? Should include a none option for participants who have not visited any of the listed countries.