First, start by clicking on the new survey tab.  There are now five steps to be completed before submitting a survey.


Give your survey a memorable and unique survey title and a description that you will recognise in the future.  This will not be seen by anyone filling out your survey.

You can also include an introduction so that potential participants know what to expect in your survey, i.e. Today we are conducting a short survey on the Royal Wedding.....

When you are happy with your title and introduction click continue…


Type your question and the answers in the appropriate box.  You may add up to eleven answers, though this it is rare that you would need that many.  As a general rule of thumb, the fewer answers and the less participants need to read through the better. 

At this point you can also change some settings.  You may want your first question to be a screener question.

You also need to decide whether your question can be answered as a single answer (e.g Which contestant do you think will win the X Factor?) or a multiple answer (e.g. Which of these countries have you ever visited?).

You can also choose whether to:

  • keep your list of answers in exactly the order you have written them
  • randomise the order of the answers or
  • randomise the order (but keeping the last option at the bottom of the list).  You may want to anchor your last option if you have a ‘none’ option included in your list.

When you are happy with your question and answers and the settings click ‘Add Question’ to add another question or continue to complete the set-up of your survey…


Targeting enables you to choose who to ask.  You may want to ask everybody, just males or just young people.  You may also just want to target people in London.  These settings can all be adjusted in the targeting page.

At this point it is important to decide how many people you want to ask.  You can ask anywhere between 50 and 3,000. 

When you are happy with who you want to target click continue to complete the set-up of your survey…


With Usurv it is possible to:

  • set a survey to run as soon as possible
  • schedule it for some date and time in the future or
  • to schedule a survey so it runs at regular intervals (e.g weekly) 

You can also choose to repeat a survey for a limited time period.  If you wanted to repeat the survey every week for a month, the settings used would be 4 times at intervals of 7 days.

When you are happy with your schedule click continue to complete the set-up of your survey…


At the confirmation stage, you will have one last chance to edit your survey and change any of the details.  When you are happy with it, press submit.