What happens to my survey once I press submit?

Any surveys submitted to Usurv are displayed on our network of partner sites.  An important step before integrating any partner is to agree a moderation policy.  For this reason all surveys are moderated by our editors first to ensure they are appropriate for our network.  All our editors have extensive experience asking questions on Usurv.  This accounts for the slight delay between pressing submit and your survey becoming live.

Questions are moderated to check for:

Market research validity

Questions are checked to see if they are valid to ask from a market research point of view.  We offer this service free to all our users.  If we feel they are inappropriately asked or may mislead respondents in any way the questions may be rejected.

General mistakes

Before any questions are served on our network they are moderated for appropriateness, this includes checking for spelling mistakes, errors and the use of inappropriate language.

In appropriate questions

We have agreed with our partners that there are some questions / subjects that are inappropriate to serve across our network.  Our moderators will check for these in-appropriate questions.  Inappropriate questions may include questions about personal issues, certain financial questions and any questions that might cause embarrassment.

Further, we do not allow clients to collect any details from respondents that would enable them to be identified or recontacted.  This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone number, twitter user name or email address.